Eligibility & duration of Visa

Student Visas are issued to bonafide students to pursue studies in recognized educational institutions in India for the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years, whichever is less, on the basis of firm letters confirming admission of the applicant and duration of the course.

Documents required

  • Original Passport together with the copy of the relevant pages of the passport (valid for a minimum period of six months)
  • Two recent Passport size photographs showing full frontal view of the face without dark/colored glasses
  • Online Visa Application Form to be completed at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in and print & sign for submission to the Embassy.
  • Copy of the national Identity Card /copy of residence permit in case of a foreigner
  • Provisional admission or confirmed admission letter from a recognized educational institution in India.
  • A letter of financial support from the parent/Guardian accompanied by a Bank Guarantee/Certificate for the duration of course/study.
  • Evidence of transfer of adequate Funds for at least 4 months’ sustenance in India or travelers cheque/Demand Draft (DD) for US$ 2000/ in the name of student.
  • Diploma translation in English
  • confirmation on accommodation/ air ticket


1) All nationals visiting from Republic of Congo to India need Yellow fever Vaccination card
2) In case of medical/ paramedical education, a 'No Objection Letter’ from the Ministry of Health, Government of India is also required to be furnished. Maximum of three entries are allowed in a year.
3) Student Visa holders are required to register with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) within 14 days of arrival in India.
4) A Student Visa (valid for duration of study, up to the maximum validity of five years) is normally issued