Attestation of Documents

Through this service, applicant can attest Civil documents, Property documents, Commercial documents from companies exporting to India, Commercial documents from companies exporting from India, Documents of Foreign nationals (Civil and Property documents) and Power of attorney. All applicants should ensure that documents submitted for attestation (other than documents issued by Indian authorities) have apostille stamp from the concerned local authority for attestation.

Note: All Educational certificates/birth certificate/marriage certificate/documents of India must be first attested from competent authority in India particularly from Consular section of the CPV (Consular Passport Visa) Division, MEA, Patiala House, New Delhi.

Attestation of signature - This service is given to Indian nationals holding valid Indian Passports only. The signature needs to be done in the presence of the Consular Officer of the Embassy. Otherwise the signature should be duly attested by the local Notary office.

Documents required

  • Duly filled & signed Miscellaneous Consular services form
  • Copy of Passport with a copy of valid visa page
  • One passport size photo as per photo specification
  • Copy of the document to be attested

Note: List of documents given above for different services is not exhaustive. Competent authority may require applicant to submit any other document(s), if the same is considered absolutely essential and in that case(s) may also ask the applicant to present himself in person.